In Your Light We See Light

Weary, I sat myself down on the straight backed oak chair and gazed across the baptistery to the lovely stained glass window and the light.

I have been musing a lot just lately. As an older Christian I have a suitcase full of memories, but find tugging at my heart, this pressing thought:

“Time to get up and get going. Time to make new memories”

The colours in this particular window I find so revitalising, so full of energy. Dipping my hand into my bag for my phone, I wondered if the photo would happen, would there be enough light?

As everyone who has ever sat in church for any evening service knows, without the daylight there is no stained glass window, no beautiful images – just a black screen, waiting like the TV at home for someone to throw the power switch.


Faith, Hope, Charity

The Window shows six events from the scriptures which speak about Faith, Hope and Charity. I took my picture. Why did I doubt? There was light enough.

More than enough.
The Light of God shining through.
Confirmation for me that it is time to get up; get going.

“By faith, Abraham, when he was called” (Hebrews 11:8)


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